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Entrepreneurship Strategic Thinking

Manageability - Assignment Example Manageability is about the harmony between the people and nature. It makes and keeps up the conditions for the people in the future. It is essential to guarantee such assets as the water, materials to be safeguarded and secured for human wellbeing and simultaneously, pondering nature. Quick populace and financial development and the utilization of the regular assets made unintended conditions (social, natural, and monetary), under which there is no option in contrast to feasible turn of events (Sustainability data, n.d.). These are the principle reasons why economical improvement is so significant. It is the piece of a greater picture, which means protecting of natural assorted variety, advancement and stewardship of theâ renewable assets and biological systems. The nonattendance of feasible practices will lead the world to the pinnacle of fuel creation that will be in ten-twenty years. After that period, fills stores will be more diligently to find and concentrate. Close to the con ceivable vitality emergency, the food arrangement additionally calls a specific concern, since manageability even with developing populace on the planet, particularly in the lacking nations, requires genuine reasoning. Most of new births in such nations can't bolster the upgraded populace and the food creation too. Non-feasible practices that worry the earth impact the dirt disintegration and contamination of the encompassing. In light of environmental change, a few regions become excessively wet or excessively dry, influencing the way of life of the entire populaces. Simultaneously, the feasible advancement rehearses, for example, land and horticulture, plan to improve the impacts of lessening land assets. At the point when the impractical living practices cause vitality emergency, contaminate the encompassing causing the absence of water and land assets of legitimate quality, social decrease upgrades too. For this situation, supportability is intended to save not just assets impro ve the world a

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Ethical Dilemma and Theories

Question: Talk about theEthical Dilemma and Theories. Answer: Moral Dilemma Essay Moral Dilemma Description at Apple Inc Apple Inc is a US based organization which is headquartered at California. The organization produces and sells gadgets and PC programming over the globe. The organization was the pioneer to present PCs in mid 90s. Apple has set up its image acknowledgment through creative items and administrations (Apple, 2017). On one hand, Apple welcomes a grin on the substance of its clients and then again, it sends kid work for its creation and amassing. Youngster work is one of the most basic issues which has shaken the world with its astounding numbers and figures. There are in excess of 150 million kids underneath the age of fifteen, who are engaged with paid and unpaid type of occupation (Unicef, 2016). The organization acknowledged that kids between the ages of 11-15 were associated with three of the providers of Apple Inc. However, the areas of the manufacturing plants were not uncovered by the organization, yet the greater part of the amassing is done in China. Different manufacturing plants of Apple are situated in Singapore, Taiwan, US, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines and Czech Republic. Apple guaranteed to no longer worker kid work in its flexibly chain process and advocated the kid work by saying that the organization expected to offer money related help to the underage kids and advanced Kohlbergs stage 1 of Obedience and Punishment (Wood, 2007). This was not the first occasion when that Apple was blamed for utilizing youngster work in its manufacturing plants where the parts were collected (Zane, Irwin, Reczek, 2016). The kid laborers had to work under perilous conditions which was a danger to their life. The laborers at one of the plants of Apple were harmed by n-hexane gas which is unsafe substance and influences the visual perception and muscles of the body. Further, the industrial facilities were additionally not ventilated appropriately which again undermines the life of the laborers. One of the Taiwanese provider of Apple was accounted for to have a self destruction in view of accusing the specialist of charge for taking the model of iphone. Further, the plants were found to abuse the standard of Apple, which expresses that the most extreme working hour for a laborer is 60 hours of the week (Moore, 2010). The issue intensified in the year 2011 and increasingly number of kids was seen as utilized in the manufacturing plants of Apple (Moore, 2011). Moral Dilemma: How Apple could address the issue of youngster work in its flexibly chain, particularly in those areas where kid work is a typical marvel and in what capacity would apple be able to guarantee that these kids would be given some better chance or would be constrained into more profound type of misuse. Moral predicament is a situation when one is confronted with the test of doing the most moral game-plan (Nathanson, 2017). On account of Apple, on one hand it is giving electronic contraptions to the buyers and then again, kids beneath the age of 15 are compelled to gather the pieces of those devices. Disregarding setting out its standards and guidelines for the providers, kid work is being conveyed and is compelled to work under dangerous working conditions. Apple stepped up to the plate and review its flexibly fasten procedure to recognize the youngsters associated with the way toward assembling and collecting (Moore, 2016). The organization additionally guaranteed that when it finds a youngster beneath the age of 15, it takes care of the kid and afterward monetarily bolsters him to proceed with his training. The organization is confronted with the moral difficulty of how to guarantee that no underage youngsters are being utilized by its processing plants. So as to comprehend the moral situation, the report would reveal some insight into the predicament of a youngster work. The youngsters in the nations experience the ill effects of destitution and don't have any way to endure. The kid turns into the main wellspring of pay for his familys food. The kid pays for the school expenses of his kin and furthermore assumes liability of giving bread and butter (Srivastava, 2011). The kids in creating and immature nations don't approach fundamental luxuries of food, safe house and training. The encompassing conditions power these kids to work at the period of underneath 15, at which they are assume to go to their classes. The circumstance is far more awful in the nations like Uzbekistan and East African nations where kids kick the bucket of starvation and have no haven. Their solitary wellspring of endurance is sending their kid to work. Their condition may get exacerbated when they are approached to exit their positions since this activity is all they have. For these kids, school isn't an alternative as a result of poor existing arrangements of these nations. The report makes an endeavor to see the circumstance from another viewpoint which is utilitarianism hypothesis that expresses that for a specific circumstance, ones activity ought to add to the best government assistance of the individuals and everybodys intrigue is at standard (Nathanson, 2017). Presently in such a situation, it would get dishonest to constrain these youngsters to desert their occupations when their whole family is needy up on this activity. Then again, it gets moral to allow kid work strategy since that would go turn for these powerless youngsters (Mojonnier, 2012). Apple advanced to phase of Kohlberg (Legalistic Social Contract) by changing the standards according to its benefit (Wood, 2007). This way of thinking of utilitarianism isn't processed by the worldwide organizations since they dread that the picture of their image would be discolored in the general population and they would lose their customer base. A doubt should be given on the motivation of kid work that if these organizations are extending to these kids an employment opportunity, free food and training, at that point are they being exploitative. Therefore, Apple showed adage 3 of all inclusiveness by extending employment opportunities to these youngsters (Wood, 2007). In any case, looking the circumstance from other point of view, youngsters characterize the fate of a nation and driving these kids to work at an early age would hamper their youth. These kids are denied of their fundamental rights and are being compelled to work under dangerous conditions (Human Rights Watch, 2017). Since a youngster is uninformed and doesn't have any thought regarding their privileges and opportunity. They are compelled to work under hazardous conditions which have announced dangerous for grown-ups too (Mckenna, 2012). Consistently, roughly there are 2.7 million kids biting the dust as a result of unsafe working conditions (The World Counts, 2014). These youngsters come up short on the experience to take a shot at apparatus and instruments and furthermore get a presentation to poisonous synthetic substances (ILO, 2017). The moral quandary shows proverb 1 of consistency (Wood, 2007). In this way, Apple has been ceaselessly confronting the above portrayed moral difficulty to utilize kid work in light of the fact that on one hand they would deny an offspring of his entitled rights and then again, they would push the kid towards different types of abuse. Moral Solution In the wake of investigating the issue, it tends to be evaluated that tending to the issue of kid work is a difficult issue and would require the help of the organization just as government. Plainly driving the youngsters away from their occupations would influence the whole group of these kids, who depend for meat and potatoes on these childrens pay. Presently the objective is guarantee that these kids don't fall survivor of some other type of abuse and thusly, hold these kids in their gracefully chain movement. Presently, when Apple has held these kids, it now needs to consider the extent of outcomes from the ethical power of Jones by showing adage 3 of all inclusiveness through its utilitarian viewpoints (Wood, 2007): Flexibly chain mapping: Apple needs to look into understanding the whole procedure of gracefully chain including the subsequent level and third level providers. Recognize Risk: The organization needs to distinguish the hazard related in the assembling procedure. In spite of the fact that Apple stepped up to the plate and review its own gracefully chain process however the outcomes were inadequate on the grounds that the quantity of youngster work expanded from 2009 to 2011. In this manner, organization needs to consider the issue earnestly so as to stick to the ILO principles. Straightforwardness: The organization needs to take keep up the straightforwardness of the flexibly affix framework to guarantee that the merchants submit to the standard laws as recommended by the organization. Appropriate checking and control framework: Instead of driving the youngsters away from the plant, the organization should preferably make remedial move through legitimate observing and control framework. Changing Business Practices: Following game plan ought to be format so as to change the strategic policies: Wellbeing and Safety Concerns: The Company must ensure the wellbeing and security of these youngsters, and the kids ought not be presented to poisonous components or different dangerous working conditions. Appropriate ventilation office must be accessible in the processing plant. Restricted Working Hours: Further, the working hours must be constrained to the furthest reaches of 60 hours of the week to keep up the poise of the laborers. Understanding: The kids must get the pay they are qualified for and get an honorable employment which they merit. They should get an understanding expressing about their activity, compensation, working hours and different terms and conditions which are according to the organization approach. Training Opportunity: Further, they should get free instruction and food with the goal that they are not denied of their adolescence and can investigate other business openings once they accomplish the age of 18. Arrangement of Evidence Contents The Ethical Leadership Debate Mike Gustavsson, being a resigned speaker of Business Ethics, remained against the movement and is of the view that the top administration of any organization assumes an imperative job in incorporating moral conduct in any business, in this way supporting moral initiative in business colleges. He accepts that Ethical administration centers around do

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South African Airways Case Analysis Free Essays

South African aviation routes Presented by: Hadeir Shahin Khaya Ngqula, the CEO of South African aviation routes is confronting a major test, which is the striking of SAA ground staff and lodge teams, this activity won’t influence just the general execution of the organization and hinders tasks, yet it will have a negative long haul results too, it might influence the company’s notoriety, and in this way influencing it’s conspicuousness and saw quality in the brain of people in general. The serious issue of SAA is the absence of trust, equity, morals and duty in the organization, as the workers don’t trust there troughs, they accept that the dynamic procedure isn't reasonable, and directors are continually disregarding the acknowledged standards of ethical quality inside the organization. Right off the bat the unlucky deficiencies of the authority’s reliability contrarily influenced the workers, as troughs neglected to show representatives there ability of assuming control over the steerage exceptionally that executive’s need flying foundation, likewise representatives didn’t see the position to be generous or to have uprightness, and that was clear when Ngqula chose to slice his administration stuff down the middle to control costs, and suspending four directors for offense and inability to forestall inefficient use, simultaneously he was censured by the media for causing extravagance travel costs, progressively over his technique rotated around productivity, development and remarkable assistance, without underscoring about being useful, strong or faithful to his representatives separated from any egotistical or benefit thought process, every one of those variables brought about the way that SAA’s representatives absence of trust to their supervisors. We will compose a custom article test on South African Airways Case Analysis or then again any comparable subject just for you Request Now Besides the country’s history over the previous years with respect to the racial separation affected the companies’ approaches which brought about the sentiment of unfairness and a one-sided code of morals among workers, notwithstanding, the salary increase issue. Notwithstanding of the great execution and the development of the organization, supervisors are alluding to the fuel cost as an oblige that keeping them from raising the compensation, subsequently workers conviction that the choice results are not allotted utilizing the best possible standards since they have added to the company’s great execution and they merit more result exceptionally that the organization had a year benefit of $155 million and can without much of a stretch bear the cost of the pay increment, additionally realizing that there chiefs are burning through cash on helicopter ventures and sumptuous lodgings caused them to feel that they are not accepting distributive equity. Because of th e previous issues, representatives don’t feel focused on the organization, and subsequently Ngqula needs to fix those issues by recovering workers trust and treating them reasonably, this should be possible by: favoring the 8% expansion in wages and begin to actualize an assessment execution plan, so as to monitor workers execution, and lay a guide for arranging and improvement. He ought to incorporate workers preparing program in his advancement technique, this program ought weight on their aptitudes as well as, on the significance of positive correspondence and culture of benevolence in the organization also; to build SAA’s representatives responsibility. It’s realized that uprightness should originate from the top directors first, that’s why coming clean to the workers and adhering to guarantees will be a decent begin to recapture their trust, additionally the organization ought to presents a strong code of morals that forbids racial separation, ensures employees’ rights and forestalling the abuse of the companies’ assets. At long last acquainting various ways with keep representatives inspired, for example, rewards, salary increase and acknowledgment, along these lines representatives execution will expand, they will be progressively serious, inventive and focused on the work. Step by step instructions to refer to South African Airways Case Analysis, Papers

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The Do This, Get That Guide On Free Narrative Essay Samples and Examples

The Do This, Get That Guide On Free Narrative Essay Samples and Examples What Does Free Narrative Essay Samples and Examples Mean? You won't ever get bored in the plan of writing because it is similar to ranting all your thoughts in a scholarly and intellectual method. From time to time, the best method to learn and understand new information is via seeing and understanding work which is already completed. If you're saying something, ensure you're making any sense. It doesn't compel you to write about something you're indifferent of but of something that is based on your own personal wisdom and experiences. There's, clearly, a limit on the range of pages even our finest writers can produce with a pressing deadline, but generally, we can satisfy all the clients seeking urgent assistance. My pal and I both thought it would be great for me to stop by a few other places in Ukraine. Their authentic breathtaking beauty resembles the progress of contemporary life won't ever make it to these places. If you're in college you're in for both big and smaller surprises. The Fight Against Free Narrative Essay Samples and Examples The climax needs to have the ability to draw the reader in and to keep on reading the story. The story needs to be well-detailed and organized to spell out the entire story and connect different components of it. Whether your story is true or a fiction, ensure you relay a set of events in an emotionally engaging way. The Fundamentals of Free Narrative Essay Samples and Examples Revealed Our dependable assignment writing website has the capability to resolve nearly all issues related to your academic tasks. It is a tough process in essay writing when you don't have a structure to follow. In accord with this, you can select from our collection of private essay templates that will allow you to sort out and organize your thoughts. The written and reflection in part of your. Gossip, Deception and Free Narrative Essay Samples and Exam ples The variety of points should correspond to the range of paragraphs in the principal part. Don't forget that a high degree of detailing is a feature of all decent narrative essay examples. When you want an example written by means of a student check out our vast selection of absolutely free student models. Go through the subsequent PDF and learn to formulate your thoughts and explain them in words. What You Can Do About Free Narrative Essay Samples and Examples Beginning in the Next Three Minutes In any case, it's unlikely that these essays would be written in a manner that meets your assignment's specific requirements. Moreover, our English-speaking writers make sure every order has original content and an appropriate structure. It's one of the most elementary tasks directed at demonstrating students' capacity to tell a comprehensive story correctly. It isn't important to us, whether you're too busy on the job concentrating on a passion undertaking, or simply tired of a seemingly infinite stream of assignments. The Start of Free Narrative Essay Samples and Examples Possessing good essay examples provides the reader an in-depth and on-the-court idea about what a well structured and coherent essay appears like. These examples are very valuable and will assist you in knowing the dos and don'ts of a very good narrative essay. On the start of doctrines. The reader should receive the idea of the entire essay from the introduction. At times, however, a narrative isn't about such primary topics. Here are the essential points in building a narrative essay. Key Pieces of Free Narrative Essay Samples and Examples Writing Peak was among the pioneers in the area of academic writing assistance. Students have to compose essays based on the teacher's instructions or their preferred style in writing. They lead busy lives and often forget about an upcoming deadline. Frequently, students in US academic institutions are requested to discuss their personal experiences as a piece of such assignments. Finding the Best Free Narrative Essay Samples and Examples The folks are extremely fond of their roots, and several of them are wearing vyshyvanka embroidered shirts. From time to time, you might be asked to compose a reflective essay. As a consequence, you get a fantastic deal of free time and completed homework. Some students simply lack time as a result of various conditions. We'll deal with them, and for a sensible price, as we understand that students generally don't have lots of money to spare. Thus, there might be scenes where much sensory info and lots of minor details are offered in order to depict the moment in vivid colours. In the event you want to succeed and make your grades higher, keep these suggestions in mind and attempt to include all the required things in your essay. Perhaps the most frequent problem that students have, when they're assigned an essay, is they aren't even certain how to start. It's possible for you to have a look at our Argumentative Essays when that is the sort of essay you're trying for. Writing an essay is an essential role in academe life. Now, go right ahead and download some of the greatest college essay examples at no cost. Free Narrative Essay Samples and Examples for Dummies When writing this essay, you will want to appear back at what you've learned and reflect i t on paper. PaperCoach can assist you with all your papers, so take a look at this time! To structure an essay, you have to simply stick to the above mentioned format. Our normal essay examples are free while our custom essays can be bought at fair rates.

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How Significant Values are Calculated Free Essay Example, 1500 words

This account shows the gross profit for the period and all the indirect cash expenses (i. e., salaries, rent and electricity). It also includes indirect non cash expenses such as depreciation and provision for bad debts, expenses accrued but not yet paid (i. e., unpaid electricity) and expenses that were incurred but already paid in advance by the company (i. e, prepaid rent). It also shows the net profit or net loss for the period. All the indirect or operating expenses (as enumerated above) are added up. The total amount of these expenses is then deducted from gross profit. The difference is the net profit for the period. The balance sheet shows the financial position of the company at any given point in time. It shows the company s assets, liabilities and equity. The balance sheet is used for various purposes. Creditors analyze the balance sheet to determine if the company can pay them. The owners analyze the balance sheet to determine if their investments are earning and if the y can declare dividends for the stocks they own. The balance sheet contains the current assets such as cash, receivables, stocks on hand, prepayments; non current assets such as property and equipment and intangible assets; current liabilities such as payables, accrued expenses and short-term loans; non current liabilities such as long-term bank loans and equity or the owner s capital. The balance sheet is divided into the assets and liabilities and equity. We will write a custom essay sample on How Significant Values are Calculated or any topic specifically for you Only $17.96 $11.86/page The balances of cash, receivables (net of the allowance for bad debts), stocks on hand and prepayments are added to calculate total current assets. Similar to assets, liabilities are also divided into current and non current liabilities. The total amount of current liabilities is calculated by adding the payables, accrued expenses and short-term loans.

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Learning More About Visual Arts - 1367 Words

Learning more about Visual Arts This Course Activity will help you meet these educational goals: †¢ Inquiry— You will research using resources available with you, collect information, make observations, and communicate the results in written form. †¢ 21st Century Skills— You will independently raise questions and pursue leads and communicate effectively. Introduction We live in a visual age. We are surrounded by all kinds of hi-tech devices that make use of the visual arts. Many career opportunites are now available in the field of visual arts. But before you get into the visual arts field, you should know how it has evolved over time and what visual arts professionals do as part of their jobs. __________________________________________________________________________ Directions and Analysis Task 1: Evolution of Visual Art (1 hour) The visual arts have evolved over time and have shown remarkable change and growth. Artists have built on the progress of their predecessors and made it a cumulative process of continuous innovation and added to the cultural heritage of humankind. Write a two-page (about 800 words) report on the evolution of one visual art of your choice. Type your response here: Photography has most definitely evolved over the past century. From the Frenchman Joseph Niepce s first camera in about 1816, which took over 8 hours of light exposure to process an image, many scientists experimented with absorbing light, and eventually another FrenchShow MoreRelatedInfluence Of Early Childhood Educators1684 Words   |  7 Pagestheorists believe to be the most effective way to teach the visual arts to young children and what role the early childhood educator plays in supporting their development. In a discussion of Piaget, the constructivist theory will be explained and connected to the visual arts education. The socio-cultural theory and social development theory will be closely examined when explaining how the ideas presented by Vygotsky relate to the visual arts. This is a topic of great significance as there are many differentRead MoreLanguage Arts Importance Essay1028 Words   |  5 Pages Language Arts Development Eric Baierl REAT Task 1 WGU A. Language arts classes play a crucial role in the literacy development of elementary-aged children. By learning to read and write a child is able to grow intellectually in not only language arts classes but all other classes as well. Communication is necessary to acquire knowledge on any subject and the more developed a child is in language arts the faster they will learnRead MoreImportance of Art Education Essay1410 Words   |  6 PagesThe arts are everywhere in our lives and have always been an important part of human daily experiences. The arts also are an enormous economic force in our world from fashion to design to the entertainment business; all are multibillion-dollar industries. Numerous studies have shown a positive correlation between a balanced and comprehensive education in the arts and high student standardized tests. A comprehensive arts education program helps students develop self-esteem, self-discipline, cooperativeRead MoreArts Integrated Into The Curriculum9 31 Words   |  4 PagesUniversity Of West Florida Arts Integrated Into the Curriculum Who doesn’t love to have fun while they are learning? While most would answer that with a yes some may say, there is no way to make learning fun. The arts consist of dance, music, visual arts, or even theater. If we used the fine arts to teach the core subjects (math, science, or language arts) you might just realize that learning can be fun. Art integration sometimes is not used due to lack of funding, or even teacher experience thatRead MoreBenefits Of Using The Arts896 Words   |  4 Pages Benefits of Using the Arts in the K-12 Grade Curriculum Author s Name Institutional Affiliation â€Æ' The study of the arts belongs in every K-12 classroom. Participation in the arts is correlated with increases in cognitive capacity, reading, mathematics, critical thinking, and verbal skill (Lynch, n.d.). Artwork learning can additionally enhance focus, motivation, trust, and teamwork. Arts programming in schools helps close a gap that s left many a youngster behind and acts as an equalizerRead MoreCapturing Students Attention with Artisitc Depiction of Historical Events655 Words   |  3 PagesThis article talks about the importance of artistic depictions of historical events that can capture a student’s imagination. It states that using art in social studies requires moving beyond art appreciation toward nurturing a higher awareness level of inference and critical interpretation. In order to assist students in this process, the authors for this article have developed a scaffolding method (REED-LO) that supports the interpretation of a work of art and a Web 2.0 tool that is a freely-availableRead MoreThe Importance Of Arts And Funding Public School System Essay713 Words   |  3 Pagesimportance of arts and funding in the public school system. â€Å"I believe arts education in music, theater, dance, and the visual arts is one of the most creative ways we have to find the gold that is buried just beneath the surface. They (children) have an enthusiasm for life a spark of creativity, and vivid imaginations that need training – training that prepares them to become confident young men and women.†Ã¢â‚¬â€œ Richard W. Riley, Former US Secretary of Education. (Rice) The importance of Art EducationRead MoreRationale for Integrating the Arts1272 Words   |  6 PagesIntegrating the arts across the curriculum is an innovative, yet effective educational process by which students learn through the arts. The programs intent is not to necessarily teach the arts, but to use them within the regular curricula. The activities use art as the catalyst to make learning meaningful and motivating. Students learn best when they are actively learning. The arts provide opportunities in which students are actively involved in learning. Students are more likely to retain knowledgeRead MoreAnalysis Of Arts And Music In Music And Education1524 Words   |  7 Pagesand delete all art and music programs out of the curriculum. The alternative to cut these programs and most extra-curricular activities, was to start â€Å"a pay to playâ€Å" programs. Individual school districts offered music, art, and sports with the parents paying for the student to participate in the activities. The other option to allow music art and sports in the schools is to raise money through levies and taxes. Both options have shown to be ineffective. Research suggests that Arts and Music shouldRead MoreEssay about Eat Task 11167 Words   |  5 Pageseducation, teaching language arts is one of the most crucial and critical elements in the process of learning. In elementary education teachers must ensure that an effective language arts program is a complete, orderly, and clear program that involves activities that fit to state and/or national standards teaching essential skills and strategies by using activities that are organized to meet those objectives. They must also engage students with active participation to foster learning yet set clear and high

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A View Of Modern Societ Essay Example For Students

A View Of Modern Societ Essay I wrote this to try and take the reader on a journey. What you read here is a direct reflection of the current state of our society. I want to point out to you, the reader, exactly what is happening in the undercurrents of the digital frontier. Each image and video clip that you witness is part of the greater whole of the new Internet society that we all live in. It is your voice that has made this view popular. We are all fed up with the bland and tasteless media that is shoved down our collective throats day after day. When you go outside and see a billboard for GAP clothing or SONY consumer devices you may not realize that you are being programmed with each glance. We are constantly being molded, and were so used to it that we dont even realize it anymore. It is their job to make you consume. To think up the most captivating and alluring commercials to imprint the memory of the specific product they are offering to your mind. Each individual mindshare, or thought that they imprint on you is considered a capitalist victory. To convince us who are already content with what we already own that we need what we dont already have. When you call up your mother and ask her if she has seen the latest commercial advertising khaki slacks, and you tell her how much you enjoy it when the image freezes then pans around like magic you are doing exactly what they want you to do. We vote actors into office to make decisions pertaining to the survival of our race our race being humanity. There is no longer black or white, yellow or brown. The glorious gift of mass communication has eradicated any once standing belief that one tribe is superior over another. That is a benefit, not a fault. I am a firm believer that any form of prejudice against another person based on sexual preference, physical makeup or material wealth is an inbred weakness in our genetic programming. The next step in our evolution is to expand past this floating ball of dirt and spread outwards. We have done all that we can on this rock and now it is time to move on to bigger and better things. Our lives may be meaningless as individuals (it is our own ego that makes us think we are important) but as a whole we do have some importance in the Grande scheme of things. If we could only overcome our ignorance based on cosmetic differences, the time that we spend on this festering piece of crap would be far more rewarding. Whether you believe in God, Allah, Buddha, atoms or gargoyles, it makes no difference. When you are dead, you are dead. You revert to where you originally came from, so dont try and fight it. We all have the choice to end our lives when we see fit, but suicide is just used as a means of escape for those of us too weak to continue. We get into a state of mind our brain is flooded with self-terminating chemicals that make us truly believe that now is the time to end things, when in fact it is just the lack of serotonin or other chemicals in our brain that makes us believe that we are doing what needs to be done. Suicide is useless unless you are 80 years old and dying of cancer. If we could shrink the earths population to a village of precisely 100 people, with all the existing human ratios remaining the same, it would look like something like the following:There would be:? 57 Asians ? 21 Europeans ? 14 from the Western Hemisphere, both North and South ? 8 Africans ? 52 would be female ? 48 would be male ? 70 would be nonwhite ? 30 would be white ? 70 would be non-Christian ? 30 would be Christian ? 89 would be heterosexual ? 11 would be homosexual ? 6 people would possess 59% of the entire worlds wealth ? All 6 would be from the United States ? 80 would live in substandard housing ? 70 would be unable